Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Final Chapter

The 2014 session of "Classes" began when students opened their Student Orientation Books and found a message from the Chancellor-Elect:

The day's task, therefore, was for the students to hunt down the legendary Yensid's Hallows, five sacred artifacts laid by the original founders to safeguard the secrecy of the school from muggle eyes.

At noon, when the students opened up their pouches to retrieve their pencils and House ribbons, they found something else folded up inside: the front page of the Sunday, November 2nd edition of The Floo Tribune.

And here was the backside of that page...

So students began collecting excerpts and clues from the Faculty, including this very cryptic message:

There were many clues, all of which can be viewed in THIS FOLDER in case you should wish to try to solve the puzzle yourself before seeing all the answers...

Notable among those clues were what may have been a receipt...

And a strange note...

As they always have, for years and years, the Faculty intended to reveal which students did best that day, bestow awards and illuminate any lingering mysteries. They were prevented this year from doing so. We won't get into why. We won't comment at all. One individual will give an account of the matter, but his opinions are his own and do not reflect those of anyone else associated with the event.

Unable to address the students in person, several of the Faculty retired to the confines of Dashwood House, and by using magical means that muggles cannot interfere with, opened a channel of sorts to address all who had enrolled in 'Classes.'

The Faculty is now therefore proud to present the conclusion of the story of Yensid's School:

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